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Pan Information Technology. Co., Ltd is a high technology company who is working on supply the integrated solution of the digital intelligent design and manufacture and the relative engineering consulting.

PANI supplies three integrated solutions. One is Industry Path Plan on the industry path planning including IPS Cable, IPS Path Planner, IPS Virtual Paint, IPS IMMA and IPS Robot Optimization. SCALE.sdm is on software solutions and IT services for process and data management in the automotive and other industries. And QDM is for monitoring quality data in real time, then analyze root cause issues and find trends, and report results and quality across the organization, at last resolve production and quality issues. And PANI also develop by requirement from customers.

PANI has more than 100 customers in automobile, railway, air and space, heavy industry and 3C fields.

Company News
·Pan-I technology participated in the 14th LSDYNA 2
·Pan-I technology demension group went to the Unite
·2016 Second IPS Cable Simulation Worldwide User Co
·3DCS Variation Analyst new release
·IPS Cable Simulation 3.1 new release
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·IPS Cable Simulation public training class
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